Xamax - Think energy management

Alpiq is an expert in energy management since 30 years. Our integrated Xamax optimisation systems cover all the tasks that need to be mastered in operational energy management. From meter data collection and visualisation to automated management of energy flows. The core aim of our customer solutions is always to reduce energy costs in an overall context. This is regardless of whether a particular situation involves operational peak loads, participation in a virtual power plant or a straightforward comparison of electricity tariffs.


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This is what you can expect from us:

  • Up to 30% lower electricity costs through peak demand reduction
  • Guaranteed reduced consumptionby means of our energy optimisation systems
  • Dynamic load management for e-mobility
  • Greater security of supply through permanent energy and plant monitoring
  • Straightforward integration of renewable energies in your company’s energy supply
  • Successful marketing of flexibility and profitable management of the electricity and gas market
  • Integration of battery storage systems
  • Short payback times with a performance guarantee
  • Turnkey solutions from a single supplier

Alpiq – Energy management is our world.

EnergiemanagementIn a time of energy transition, and with concepts such as power efficiency, virtual power plants or smart grids in everyday use, it is hard to identify and implement the correct energy management action to take. Companies regularly commission studies to determine their energy-saving potential, but the knowledge gained thereby is seldom implemented. This is because the proposed solutions are very often technically too complex – or it takes too long to amortise the investment in them.

The world of Energy management at a glance (PDF 1,7 MB)