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Peak demand optimisation is worthwhile

Even in deregulated electricity markets, peak power is very expensive. Xamax optimisation systems allow cost reductions of up to 30%. You can see the results in black and white on each electricity invoice you get – from the very first day of installation.

A large number of customers from the restaurant business and the food industry, as well as organisations such as retirement homes, hospitals, foundries and metals refiners – to name a few – have confidence in our solutions. Does the connected load of a production building give you something of a headache? Well, if you come to Alpiq, you have come to the right address, because with our systems, expensive network reinforcements are often redundant and grid connection costs can be reduced.

Energy data logging creates transparency

Does your company’s finance director, the Swiss Cleantech Agency (act) or the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW) adviser require transparent and up-to-date energy data? Has your company switched to energy management in line with ISO 50 001? Our systems easily cope with all of the above-mentioned requirements. Our energy data collection system comprehensively monitors, manages and evaluates the energy flows in your company. In this way, we create transparency in your company’s electricity, gas, water or compressed air consumption – and we integrate existing energy meters into our system.

Reactive power compensation? We know all about it

All electromagnetic devices require reactive power, which places a load on the grid and so, beyond a certain point, is subject to charges. Correctly sized reactive power compensation equipment costs little to maintain and is very reliable. The investment will soon be paid for by the absence of reactive power charges. Alpiq has been planning, building and delivering turnkey compensation equipment for over 70 years. We’re also specialised in servicing and maintaining other manufacturers’ equipment.

Electromobility – intelligent load management for charging points

Whether in hotels, in company car parks or office buildings with underground car park, electromobility and the required charging infrastructure  will need either an expensive increase in the connected load or intelligent load management . Using the Xamax load manager and the corresponding software, charging points can be monitored and managed in a grid-compatible manner, and peak loads can be prevented. You save the expensive network reinforcement and protect your infrastructure without any loss of convenience.

Control pooling – the virtual power plant solution

We are able to pool the switchable loads and the power generating units of our customers. Our power plant solution offers you an ideal tool that you can use to further optimise your energy costs. In this way, we have already taken numerous customers with a current capacity of over 50 MW into the balancing energy market and obtained attractive earnings for them.

A clear success factor in this process is our secure and reliable communications technology. As a Xamax customer, you benefit from industrially tested concepts and technologies that are operationally absolutely secure – with the customer data hosted in Switzerland.