Xamax creates energy consumption transparency at aluminium processing plant

The foundry of the aluminium processing plant in Wutöschingen in Germany has been equipped with an intelligent Xamax energy management system for electricity and gas, which ensures that energy is put to efficient use. At Aluminiumwerke Wutöschingen AG & Co. KG, the optimisation system consists of several components. For example, the fully automatic load control monitors several induction furnaces with capacities between 1 and 10 MW, various controls of the rolling mills and all the plant’s holding furnaces. The load control system reduces the maximum quarter-hour peak load from previously 26 MW by approximately one quarter to around 20 MW.

Following the installation of the energy optimisation system in June 2018, Xamax equipped the gas system that fires the furnaces with a Xamax load control system in January 2019. This system plays a key role in further reducing the cost of the energy consumed. The software visualises the performance parameters in real time. In Wutöschingen, more than 160 meters capture energy data and transmit it to the software. What makes the solution so special is that not only the induction furnaces, which were previously monitored by a pulse in the Siemens S7 controller, but also all the frequency inverters have been integrated into the Xamax system using a special signal converter.

In addition, the consumption data is exported into an existing software application in order to make the data accessible for the in-house environmental management. The data transparency combined with automatically generated consumption reports and the streamlined metering process ensures further cost savings. 

The aluminium processing plant in Wutöschingen near Waldshut-Tiengen in Germany produces high-quality aluminium profiles and innovative system components. During the production process, the foundry furnaces, presses, rolling mills and holding furnaces consume substantial amounts of electrical energy and are thus ideally suited for the application of an energy optimisation system from Xamax.