Financial support for new transformers at the Flumenthal power station thanks to Xamax

Building on its many years of experience of Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) competitive tenders, Xamax AG has won CHF 180,000 of financial support for new transformers at the Flumenthal run-of-river power station. To do so, Xamax professionals worked closely with Alpiq Hydro Aare AG, the hydropower station operator.

The SFOE puts energy efficiency measures out to tender through its specialist department ProKilowatt every year. After the operating company tested the older transformers in the Flumenthal power station, Xamax formulated an appropriate support project, entitled “Efficient Transformation”. By means of the new models and their lower loss levels, ProKilowatt estimates that a total of 5,600 MWh of electricity can be saved over a useful life of 25 years. Moreover, this quantity represents additional production for the power station.

In June 2018, the Federal Office of Energy granted Xamax and Alpiq Hydro Aare AG the sum of CHF 180,000, representing approximately one fifth of the investment costs. The three new transformers should enter operation during 2018. Xamax has valuable experience of the ProKilowatt financial support programmes. Because of this, Xamax and Alpiq Hydro Aare are looking into further possibilities for collaboration.

Through the ProKilowatt programme, the Federal Office of Energy supports energy efficiency measures to reduce electricity consumption in the industry, trade and services sectors as well as by households. Funding is granted to projects and programmes that save as much electricity as possible per provided Swiss franc. The ProKilowatt financial support is funded by an electricity grid surcharge. Up to CHF 50 million is available annually for competitive calls for tenders.